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War of Lies: Chapter 4 Part 5

[url=]Link to Chapter 4, Part 4[/url] [spoiler]All chapters of the War of Lies will be linked to the [url=]Table of Contents[/url] as they are posted[/spoiler] A warbled crackle sounded, making it clear the PA system was just turned on. “That,” a man’s voice came to life over the speakers, “Was me. Sorry about that.” The heads of all the staff here either snapped around or turned lazily, and I followed their gazes to one of the rooms that overlooked the hangar from the other side of a wide window. There was a man there, bent over the PA microphone and grinning like an idiot down at us. I couldn’t quite make out his features from this far, but I could see the blood splattered on the glass and darkening a couple patches of his winter gear. “Who in the pits of the Hellmouth do you think you are?!” The director of this facility roared to be heard by the man, angrier than ever. “Little old me?” The killer in the booth chortled, “I’m called Nameless. Faceless. The ‘Shrowd’ that hide-“ “I don’t give a weasel’s biscuit who you are!” The Awoken woman interrupted him, then glared at her bodyguard, “Why isn’t he dead yet?” “Bulletproof,” he responded, nodding his head at the glass between us and the monitor station. “No fudging class…” the man on the PA muttered, his pride wounded by our lack of interest and not seeming to realize the microphone could pick up the quieter sounds, “You know what, forget it. Guys, I handled their radios and my four-armed friend is handling the ship. This is the signal. Somebody just shoot that little bi-“ The ring of a gunshot overpowered the sound of his voice, making me flinch and wave my gun up in anticipation for a fight. The bodyguard stood by the body of his boss, rifle aimed at where her head had been only a moment before. Chaos broke out as several other mob men around the hangar turned on their allies and the Syndicate flooded outward into our ring of guards. Dikedda disappeared in the mayhem. I saw the idiot mobster from earlier get his gun arm broken and his ribs kicked in by a pair of Syndicate soldiers before I myself was tackled to the ground. Unable to get my rifle around to aim at my assailant while under their weight, I tried swinging my left fist around at their head, but it was blocked and my own skull rattled around my helmet as I took a blow that scraped up my reinforced visor. A foot smashed my fingers and I released my weapon with a yelp, regretting it instantly as whoever was on top of me took the opportunity to hit me in the head so hard I rolled over and had to lay still as my vision spun. When the world realigned, the barrel of my own rifle was hovering just above my face and a knee braced against my chest kept me from trying to make any moves. It was one of the soldiers of the Syndicate pinning me, but I couldn’t tell which thanks to their identical armor. Muss, maybe? Definitely didn’t look like Lyn. “Now isn’t this funny,” his voice identified him as Cobalt, and after thinking it over I remembered he had been the closest to me the whole time. He had seemed so non-threatening with his chatting, it honestly surprised me that he had been the one to jump me. But it shouldn’t have been surprising. Every single one of these jerks had killed mobsters by the score throughout this war; letting my guard down cuz they seemed friendly was a mistake I never thought I’d make. “What do you say I give you some Glimmer an-AH!“ I began negotiating my release, expecting Cobalt to be cooperative, but was cut off with a bark of pain when he drove his knee into my ribs. “Shut up, scumbag,” he ordered, and I couldn’t help but notice the irony of the role reversal, “I’m sick of listening to you greedy perverts.” “Okay, no talking then, let’s just take it easy an-KUH!” I was cut short again as the butt of my rifle slammed into my helmet and my head rebounded off of the cold metal floor, “FOR SHANKS SAKE, STOP THAT!” “Kill him already,” Muss was standing above us now, a stolen revolver hanging threateningly in his hand. Realizing the place was eerily quiet compared to moments ago, I turned my head as far as I dared and saw mobster corpses everywhere as most of the Syndicate rushed towards the cruiser or busted into the main building of the complex to pick off the rest of the Reef Mob. “We’ve got time,” Cobalt dismissed Muss’s command, keeping my rifle aimed at my own head, “We’re on secure and standby duty anyway. Ow.” That last bit was him grunting because Muss bopped him on the head with a closed fist, more gently than the other times I’d seen him do it. “Don’t get sloppy.” “I can be a mole,” I was desperate now, “Do inside jobs, like those friends of yours who helped you take the hangar.” Cobalt prodded my head with the rifle, “You think we want cheats and traitors working for us? Almost all of them are Syndicate. Speaking of…” Cobalt looked up to Muss, who nodded and turned, aiming his hand cannon at the back of the Mob lady’s bodyguard that now stood several meters away in conversation with another Syndicate member. He was dead before he even knew he had been double crossed, and one more gunshot from further off announced the death of another Mob traitor. “You see, we don’t need you,” a new voice spoke up; one that I recognized. [spoiler]Friday’s post will be the final part of chapter 4. I hope you’re all enjoying it thus far and that the new posting system is working out for everyone Could any of you figure out who the man on the PA was?[/spoiler] [url=]Link to Chapter 4, Part 6[/url]

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