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10/25/2020 4:11:29 AM

Guns of Valor [GUNS] Xbox-U.S. Laid back clan needs more active players. We’re looking for a good mix of active players who are looking for help and those willing to help others. Solo players willing to try something every now and then are welcome. New and returning players catching back up are welcome. We have a discord, not required but would help if you join. Rules are not strict, mainly be mature and be respectful to each other. We will not tolerate toxicity, however, don’t take minor things personally. If you can take a joke you’ll be ok. We play PVE and PVP. For higher level activities like raids and trials, you’ll need a mic. If you need help with story, quests or other chill activities, then no mic is ok, but let someone know if you don’t have a mic when asking for help. We’ve been around since the start of D2 and have players mainly from mid to eastern U.S. We have earned every clan banner in D2 and all perks every reset. Thanks!
#Xbox #Clans #PvP #pve

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