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10/22/2020 1:58:49 AM

PC LFG smh

Ive had to make a post about this before but apparently it has to be a regular thing that I may do once a week smh When you are using LFG there are 2 things that you should do and or have already done. 1. Be ready to play!!! People don't have time to sit in a lobby for 5-10 minutes waiting for the fireteam leader to start the activity. Hell, I personally give a fireteam leader 30 seconds or Im off to find another LFG post. Don't waste peoples time 2. Have you party Open!!!! This isnt such a big issue on console, but in the 3 weeks I have been on PC more than 80% of posts have their Privacy Settings set to Invite Only or Closed. With how PC is with having to enter the join code and no way to message said person, joining a post is impossible Hope this resonates with people, Im sure it wont be the last time I post about it

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