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10/24/2020 6:42:37 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 23

Day 23: Favorite NPC Ash Parth was ready to pick up some bounties for Gambit, which along the way Parth needed to see Drifter along the way as he was needed. "You needed something, Drifter?" Parth asked. The Drifter, as shady as always, gave Parth a smile and patted him on the back as if they are best firends - which they are "almost" as they did work on a few jobs and most of the work Parth gets come from the Drifter. "Good to see ya, too, partner?" Drifter says. When no one way around, Drifter brings Parth to the back room where it was large and where the Drifter keeps most of his operations in check. Even when speaking to either The Emissary or Eris Morn when dealing with the Pyramids. The Drifter sat down at a chair where the table in the middle shows some schematics. He smiled as soon as Parth sat down across from the Drifter. "Rumor has it that plenty of folk were having fun dealing with you mainly whenever you show yourself in Gambit, brother," Drifter says with his most friendly smirk. "Hearing the Truth's go off and seeing their bodies drop when you put a bullet to the face," he oofed and laughed when he said that. "Makes me excited to see the infamous Ash Parth go in to invade and outsmart some Heavy folks. Sucks to be them when ya put them in body bags." "And it sucks that I'm just having fun and they think they want to take it too serious," Parth replies in a calm tone. "Guardians have no chill like they do in the Crucible. But it's what makes us human or Exo or even Awoken, with selfishness in mind." The Drifter laughed as he heard Parth say all that. "As cold as ever even for being the 'protector in the shadows'. That's why I like Guardians like yourself." "He is as he is, Drifter," Dusk pointes out. "As for the Guardians who have a grudge, it's by the reputation that Parth has. Never much love from anyone." Parth slaps Dusk from hearing that. "No wonder you and I are the same, brother," Drifter says with a grin. "No one likes us. We're just doing our business until one day," he claps his hands like a vice, "you're dead and even bagged. No love whether with the Vanguard or not." "It's a whatever, Drifter," Parth vehemently says. "You are right we are alike, but unlike you with whatever ya do, I do my own way. Hell, never trusted anyone except my own little circle. Even yours." Drifter chuckled from hearing that last sentence. "It's why I like ya, Ash Parth. From the ashes of the former Crow's Nest Clan, calling yourself Ash Parth, the Raven. But here you are now, redemption seeking at every step but trust is as hard as this cruel world. 100% a pure punk... with a good heart. No crap given." "Same when dealing with some cheesers when gathering Darkness," Parth added. Drifter laughed hard when hearing that. "Sure gave moondust a crack on her face. Like I just saw her smile once or twice. Not everyday ya see her come round my neck of the woods and show some feelings since her Fireteam ain't around. But because of you and many others, y'all make her day even better." "Even The Emissary has her excitement here and there, even from the Prophecy. Even I still want to learn more of the battle between the Light and the Dark. But wanna know what I think?" Not only the Drifter was curious, Dusk was also wondering since he was there when Parth Solo'd his way throughout the Dungeon through Unknown Space. "Light and Dark are one in the same. So is dealing with the folk I deal with, whether I know them or not. Can't have the Yin without the Yang. Why I keep my circle small and reason alone I work mostly alone since that day. Trust is just hard to keep hold of. But as you say, Drifter, I am a punk, but I do try hard to have a good heart, whether others hate my guts or not." Parth shrugged with a grin on his face. "All they do is give me more attention. I could care less on the fame. I'm just having fun whether I die today or die tomorrow. Ya only live once," he says that when eyeing towards Dusk, knowing that if the Ghost dies, the Guardian can't revive anymore. "Hell, I fight anyone who wishes to kill Dusk. It'll be nothing but regret to others." Drifter couldn't help but laugh in joy and rested his hand on his shoulder. "Why you keep hold of your beliefs, brother," he admitted. "You keep being you and you get paid. Trust." As soon as the conversation ended, Parth picked up his bounties from the Drifter and he parted, knowing some venom in others' eyes he passed by. As Ash Parth did admit, he and the Drifter are quite the same, where survival is all there is to it, even if sacrifices can be made. But at the same time, Parth is his own and not anyone else. They are just allies at this point.

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