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(18+!)[XBOX] TTF is recruiting ctive guardians! Join today!

The Festival of the Lost-a time of reflection; but also a time to run through the Haunted Forest and collect candy! But is there something more sinister than an unkillable knight lurking? Soon, we head to Europa and into so many unknowns. Do you have a solid fireteam? Join us, the Traveler’s Few-Outlaws, the Xbox faction of the Traveler’s Few clan. We are the definition of all-purpose in a clan. All about raising? We have raid teams ready to take it all on, even nostalgia D1 raids. Crucible junkie? We have pvp Sherpas and other crucible sweats ready to climb that tower Flawless. Just looking to run endgame events and have fun? We are your group. Daily players, lots of shenanigans and laughs, even tournaments. We have it all. We only have a few simple rules: 1. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 TO JOIN 2. You must join and register with our discord server. There you can check stats and join LFGs 3. You must play AND post on discord at least once every 2 weeks and play with at least 2 other clan mates 4. Be a (relatively) decent person. We fully believe a clan is only as strong and as active as its members- MEMBERS make the clan. If you feel we sound like the right fit for you, come join us today! Per audacia ad astra guardians.

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