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10/21/2020 12:56:07 PM

[EU]PC only - Keepers of Hellmouth

Hello Guardians, We’re looking to add a few seasoned/active players and newcomers into the clan and preparing for the new expansion. Guardians that are into different activities in the game. Crucible/vanguard/gambit/raids are welcomed or just Triumph hunters. Currently there are several spots open in the clan for new members to join us and discord is required for being part of the clan community but it’s not a must to talk on voice but a plus. We have got Looking for Guardians channel so people can organise raids or whatever activity. Also other channels for banter and crucible talk or even lore. An Active player base is important for our clan so if you're looking for a new clan to be a part of then please apply. We've got some basic rules, expecting all members to be respectful to fellow players and act maturely. It’s important to be part of the community in discord, active in game and wanting to help others.

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