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10/20/2020 1:50:19 PM

(Pc clan) HORIZON D2

Hey everyone, we have recently started a clan after having enough of being told what to play and who with. It was only started a few weeks ago and has grown so much already, there's still room for more. We started this clan with the idea of growing players with us so regardless of skill range get yourself in. We play a little bit of everything from gambit to Trials Of Osiris to Raids. (their is some flawless amongst us too) Private Pvp practice matches are run regularly so if you have a load-out in mind you want to play with but don't want to hurt your stats these are perfect. We play random loadouts every so often as this garentees a laugh using whatever DIM chooses you to use through randomising your loadout 😂 We have a brilliant Discord set-up with auto roles dependant on your in game Destiny 2 stats. Discord server invite given out to joined members but feel free to invite your friends as we won't punish you for playing with anyone else or on another game. We started this clan on 2nd of September 2020 and have 34 regular players with the hopes of filling the clan up to 100 players in time for the new DLC. Thank you

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