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10/20/2020 11:20:00 AM

XBOX ● Forerunner's Legacy ● Recruiting for Beyond Light

Forerunner's Legacy is a clan I founded when Destiny 2 launched. We managed to unlock every clan banner since then. We are not a big clan with many sub clans. The purpose of this clan is to basically be a big group of friends playing together and helping out one another. Requirements to join: -Must be 18+ -Must join the discord server -Must be active on the discord and play with other clan members -Main platform: XBOX -Timezones: Mainly EST, but we have members in Central and Pacific We try to keep our numbers around 50 members when possible. We are not looking to have so many members that no one knows each other’s but we also always need enough players to have some online at all times. We play Destiny mainly, but we also play other games during down time (Warzone, Apex, Halo...) A lot of us come from a Halo background (you proably guessed by the clan's name) and are big fans of bungie, so once Halo infinite comes out this will also be a big focus for us. In Destiny we do pretty everything, most of our admins have all the available Titles possible to unlock. PVE is much more of a focus than PVP though, and I would recommend anyone who wants to join to have the will to raid / complete dungeons. We have a discord channel and it is REQUIRED to join it and to be active both in game and on the discord to join up on activities being setup by clan members, we do not want anyone in the clan to be a ghost never playing with anyone. If you have any interest you can message me on Xbox (GamerTag: UnbrokenLiight), the bungie app: or check the clan page:

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