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10/19/2020 7:02:26 PM

Can we please bring factions back?

I remember from a twab or blog post a while back that mentioned the reason factions weren't coming back at the moment was because the list of characters/vendors had become too long, and was potentially too much for new lights to handle. Well, with the DCV, we will be losing [b][i][u]8[/u][/i][/b] vendors. So surely we have the room to bring back the 3 faction vendors, right? And I'm not talking about rallies or other events. I'm talking Destiny 1 style faction vendors. They have a set of rotating bounties/tasks that allow us to rank up and earn faction gear. They could even add some avenues for plot development through seasonal quests that tie in thematically. And moving faction gear back to its respective loot pool would be better than having it randomly drop from the world loot pool. Just a thought.

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