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10/19/2020 5:36:16 AM

Clan For New Light players! PC/Steam-NA We have sherppas here for both PVP and PVE to help you learn the ropes if You're new or just trying to learn!

I've made this clan specifically for new and/or newish players who are wanting to learn the game or just to get better. I'm a Sherpa for crucible content and am happy to show you the ropes. I also have other Sherpas who are here just to help you with raid activities and other PVE related playlists. We want to help you enjoy the game at it's fullest and are more than happy to help anyone who could use it. Feel free to join our private discord as well. There's not many of us but we plan to make those numbers grow by helping each person out for the long run! You can always find on of us on our discord here:

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