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10/19/2020 12:35:18 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 18

Day 18: Killed By Architect Parth was relaxing in a café on his off-duty days with a book at hand and a cup of coffee on the other and even Dusk was relaxing with the back of his shell on the table, like he was sleeping instead with the atmosphere here. Suddenly, Parth noticed that a couple of young adults took noticed and walked their way over. They look like twins, a brother and sister but the sister had her hair more shoulder length in spite of hers and his brother being the same even by color. Parth was wondering if these humans were fans although he doubted as there are rare occasions when some look up to him. The brother talked and asked if he was the same Ash Parth as rumors, gossip and even posts were talking about him. Parth can only answer that he is even when he was only eying them with one eye and the other on the chapter he was on until he was finished to look them both in the eye. As it turned out, they were twins and from the looks of it, they just got off of school as their ages by appearance looks being middle school teenagers. Parth might amused them with "some" curious questions after they asked what they need from him or even Dusk, who was still napping. The sister actually asked if there was a thing that would happen to all Guardians of being "Killed by the Architects". That was something that amused Parth actually when it comes to things like that when he goes out on jobs and a random Guardian in the field would rez him or he would respawn thanks to Dusk. Hell, some of the Killed by the Architects range from a random Phalanx launching him to the distance or an out of nowhere Cursed Thrall to explode. The most hilarious he would think of is being launched from a Skiff from the ground (or glitching through the floor from The Arms Dealer strike). Always the funny moments that happens and even hear from the Fireteams he was with tell a tale of what killed them before Parth would rez them back to the action. As to kill time when the twins have just seated as curiosity was weaning on them towards Parth, he just tell them some of the things from his "Killed by the Architects" to others who went through the same experience as he has.

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