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10/18/2020 6:29:27 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 17

Day 17: Vex Ash Parth and Dusk were on the surfaces of Nessus doing a couple of favors for Failsafe which are going down below to the Sunken Cavern. She did tell them to be very careful along with having the other half of her moody self to tell them to not get killed by the Vex. As moody as ever. The last time they were here was dealing with Vex along with finding this captain of the crew that Failsafe was with with an odd Harpy. Which involves plenty of Confluxes. But this time this place was empty and only one Conflux was there. Regardless, Dusk went ahead to scan the Conflux while Parth goes and keep an eye on the area in case Vex were to come round and open fire. But as soon as he heard something approach and pointed his Bastion which he was running for the day, it turned out that it wasn't a Vex at all. Instead, it was a Warlock who were behind them the whole time. And this Warlock is one Parth knows well. It turned out to be Meredith-12. She is an Exo and one of the most noticeable Warlocks even for Ash Parth to work with. They would exchange information while having some drinks. And even some other times which those are private matters. Parth took notice and asked, "I see you're goin' around finding some information again, I guess?" "And I see that you're playing guard duty as usual, correct, Parth?" Meredith asked in a comeback. Parth can hear Dusk chuckle and eyed towards his Ghost and Dusk decided to continue while telling him that he was almost done scanning the contents within the Conflux. In the meantime, Parth and Meredith decided to kill some time and sat on the edge of the area while having a conversation. Sure Parth doesn't trust many Guardians but Meredith is one of the ones he would trust - least half of it. "So have ya found something yet as far as finding your origins?" Parth asked. "Still searching," Meredith answers. "Hell, even looking into the Black Garden wasn't much help or visiting some BrayTech areas." Parth understands what Meredith was looking for like most of the New Light Exos of where they come from. But he often wonders if she even looks into the Lore videos which Chroniclers arrange and make for a weekly basis which Parth enjoys listening to once in a while. He would even ask if Meredith can check answers through those. "Y'know, won't ya think that ya can find the answers at Europa?" he asked. "I mean, I know Exos and the Vex are cousins as I remembered but ya sure that you can find your origins as badly as the others? Hell, have ya ever listen to some of those videos done by the Chroniclers since they mentioned Europa?" Meredith grinned back at him and answered, "You're right. But who knows what I'll find." All of a sudden, they both noticed that a Minotaur was nearby which Parth didn't know that it was just standing there. Was it scanning the area? Was it just staring at them? A couple minutes after, Dusk came back and tells Parth that he's got the contents but that made the Minotaur and some more Vex came out to deal with whoever intruded their Conflux. Parth and Meredith managed to leave the area while killing some of these organic robots. Parth was on a Golden Gun for the say while Meredith was on her Nova Warp which they managed to escape. When they managed, they both stared at each other and Meredith decides to just leave. But Parth understands what Meredith wanted from their little conversation and even he was always curious on the Vex more and more. From venturing the Vault of Glass to the various parts of Venus and Nessus and Io into the Pyramidion to even the Black Garden. Which he would stay but it would be impossible even though he find the Black Garden in either the light or dark tones as he puts his trips into it. Parth calls out for Meredith and tells her, "Y'know what, maybe one of these times, we go to Europa when the time comes and we look for your origins." Meredith eyes back towards Parth and it looks to him that she giggled a bit and answered, "Maybe. As long as it's not when you are on one of your jobs or whatever, Parth." "Sure. And even when we do so, ya should dress more warm and I'll bring some coffee or some hot chocolate." Afterwards, Meredith-12 called for her Ghost to transmat her out. Dusk sighed and tells Parth, "I don't know how some of the lady Guardians see in you when you don't trust much people. Let alone with you not interested in love." Ignoring Dusk's words, Parth looks into the contents that he pulled form the Conflux. Parth wonders about what the Vex are always doing besides making worlds into machines. Hell, he is always curious for dealing with robots with an organic core in the middle even when facing against the Consecrated Mind and the Sanctified Mind which those are more different even when they are still Vex. One day, just one day he can handle them and look into their origin besides Meredith-12 in search for hers even for the New Light Exos doing the same.

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