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10/16/2020 5:33:53 PM

The wah-wah-wah sound of the Sad Trombone Emote should be made the sound that plays whenever your character dies

I got the Sad Trombone emote with some of my Bright Dust when it was available a few weeks ago. Maybe I'm childish, but it's going to take a long time before that emote gets old. I started using when the boss dies at the end of a strike, but it occurred to me how funny it would be if you could toggle on a sound that plays whenever your character died (Fallout 4 and other games have failure sounds, so it's not a new thing). Of course, it would be something only you could hear. Imagine a Control match with sad trombone playing every few seconds - that would drive players nuts quite quickly. However, having a sound clue when a Guardian is down in a strike or raid might actually be useful given that it can be easy to miss the onscreen clue if things are too hectic. Obviously, I'm just mostly joking here. I think this game doesn't have enough comedy or silliness in it, with emotes being one of the few sources, and is way too packed with characters slow-talking about doom, higher purposes, duty, etc, in so on in solemn voices. A good laugh now and then wouldn't hurt.

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