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10/12/2020 2:27:42 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 11

Day 11: Sparrow From a distance as this was a nice day and off-duty again, he wanted to take a nice ride on his Sparrow and find a quiet field to sit, have coffee and read again instead of the usual café today. While he reads, he looks towards his Sparrow, Of Ten Suns. As he even remembers how tough it was to challenge himself to Solo the Prophecy. To do it flawlessly and finally obtained his goal. And this was now his. As he enjoys the look of it and the description being, "This world is yours to cross". Then suddenly, he remembers one thing that was at ease and wishes to see one day again. "S R L," as he could hear Amanda Holliday announce from the good old days. A race of Sparrow vs. Sparrow to the finish line regardless of placement while avoiding obstacles and make some crazy stunts. One of those times when he kept concealing himself, he enjoyed this experience as a break from the Crucible and even doing Bounties. Not to mention seeing the females in the racetrack suits which... he can't complain for being a male. After remembering, he closed his book and gets on his Sparrow again. Telling himself the same words as Amanda Holliday would say. In addition, when that times comes again, he will say this at the start to finish lines. This world is yours to cross. Of Ten Suns. Whether at the Dunes or the Deadsea, this Sparrow will ride and the rider will feel the winds.

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