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Editado por Ejflame1: 10/11/2020 1:52:13 PM

Buff Mida multi tool

Okay look ik it's a old weapon but come on look at it's bad and you know it. So let's rework it. The intrinsic perk of the multi tool should be the current one (boost move speed) + the regular perk that comes with it( radar is up well ads). This is a better intrinsic perk but it still need a second perk, I was thinking a damage buff perk new or old. Or we can do something like explosive payload + multi kill clip. Reload after a series of kills grant a damage buff plus explosive payload. Okay in time for that catalyst give it more moment speed plus increase through number of kills that can be stored. This is all I have to say be please Bungie if you are reading this buff the gun please
#Bungie #Destiny

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