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10/9/2020 8:59:04 PM

Exotic Class Item Idea

So this idea I had since maybe year one of D2 but to me, it is too crazy to implement and I have been trying to nerf it so much to make it maybe viable in Destiny but whatever, here it is. Exotic Class Items. I know, we had 3 back in D1 but what if it did more. These would come back with their original perk “Life of an Exotic” where it just allowed it to be equipped with another exotic but now add a perk I call “Power Stabilized” where it would allow you to equip a 3rd exotic armor piece but due to all the power flowing through your guardian, a minus 30 (-30) to all stat points will be applied after equipping the 3rd exotic. So minus 30 to Agility, Recovery, Resilience, Discipline, Intellect and Strength to help stabilize everything. This would add even more variety to the game for allowing even more armor builds to Destiny. The way I would say one should acquire these exotic class items would be just about the same as they were in Destiny 1. These class items are only available through vendors/factions and their ranks. A guardian would receive an exotic quest once they reach level 100 with a said vendor and once the quest is completed, you get the exotic and it will be designed and based after said vendor/faction. So there would be one for Gunsmith, maybe Cryptarch, Vanguard, Crucible, Trials, Gambit, Iron Banner and even for maybe Variks if He is an NPC Vendor in Beyond Light, Devrim or Earth, Eric/Moon, Nessus/ Failsafe and so on. It would add the ability to represent who you like most or who you feel you side with on a roleplay or personal level. And this could potentially lead back to bringing in Factions such as Future War Cult, New Monarchy and Dead Orbit, not even for the rallies but for the fantasy players love in Destiny. That is all and I wanted to add this because I am a Fallen sympathizer and would love to represent the Fallen and use a cloak in honor of them while also sporting that awesome new Hunter helmet which grants a shift to our dodge and Sixth Coyote which is easily my favorite hunter exotic. Hope everyone that read this enjoyed it and have a good day.

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