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10/8/2020 3:08:03 AM

My Idea ON How to Bring Back SRL

I'm sure that many players, myself included, are wanting Bungie to bring back the Sparrow Racing League. And I'm hoping Bungie is thinking of some way to bring it back, but it shouldn't be like in Destiny 1 where it's all like, "SRL, here ya go" and everyone goes racing around a couple of maps to see who gets first. There needs to be more energy, with a new spokesperson that has an outrageous cowboy accent. What SRL [i]needs[/i] is a sponsorship to bring it back. And who better to sponsor a top notch racing event then Tex Mechanica!? Bring back SRL with this big sponsorship from Tex Mechanica being hosted by a cowboy talking host. Along with the return of SRL there would be an Exotic quest for a new Tex Mechanica themed weapon. And finally, to top it all off, a brand new PvE mode for SRL where Guardians must race together and against the clock to reach a final boss inside a large track. The Guardians would circle the boss while dodging its attacks and going through rings that would charge large canons that would then fire a the boss. The more rings that are activated the more damage is done, and if rings are activated fast enough in succession, the cannons gain an overcharge in damage and even shield the Guardians from damage for a short while. Heck, if I get some spare time I might even record a sample for this Tex Mechanica spokesperson.

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