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10/4/2020 2:18:13 PM

[NA] [PC] People with lives that play Destiny in our down time. We game with DISCORD in mind.

Salvator de Terra, Latin for Saviours of Earth. We are a discord based clan family. We have experience doing all activities, from all aspects of PVE and PVP. We are a casual group of people that enjoy doing all things destiny together. Our player base consists of people all over the U.S. time zones and Australian East Coast. We will happily help, teach, and coach those that ask for help but we are NOT an lfg service. We ask only for members to carry their own weight to the best of their abilities. All we ask is that members be engaging both in game and in our chats. We use DISCORD for all clan communication, which is a must. Please ensure your name on DISCORD matches your in-game name. Please also bear in mind in an effort to keep our clan in an active and healthy state we perform activity checks on a 30 day cycle anyone found to be inactive and that meets the criteria as set out by the Admin team will unfortunately be removed from the clan list.

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