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9/17/2020 4:21:43 AM

Eververse Nightfall

I don't know really, just kind've an idea I have been carrying around for awhile. So essentially you could earn tickets, or something more lore like lol, from the paid season ranks to go into a Master level nightfall that was themed around time travel through like taken throne worlds I guess. But the rewards would be ornaments from past seasons, and you could spend more tickets to select a certain season, and even more to narrow it down to weapons or armor. That way people who missed out on really cool ornaments can still get them. Like for me I really love the look of the Worthy Valkyrian Ornaments for hunters, but didn't have the money to buy the season pass that season. Since the tickets would be from a season pass we would still have to pay for them, but we would also be earning them through doing a hard NF.

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