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9/14/2020 11:40:21 AM

New type of Champions in Beyond light season

Yes, I like it and this is some interesting


Nope, this pointless 3 type of champions is enough


Dunno, wrote more dumb


Hello dear Bungie! Hello guardians! After i get Conqueror title in last two seasons i little be confused that we have only 3 type of Champions(barrier, overload and unstopable). Then i try to figure out abuot something new type of champion for more interesting, variable and difficult ordeal nightfalls. It's just a lil concept, but what r u thinking about it? So, new type of champion is called Darkbringer. It's main ability is some kind of aura. If guardian come close to this champion or start damaging em - he will be affected by this aura. This aura main effect is disable revive option(if guardian would be killed or dies affected by this aura) untill champion(or all champions) with this aura is neutralized and killed. Other effect of this aura is slow nearby guardians. Little bit slow at first seconds and more after some long period of time. It slow not so strong as fallen mines, or fallen berserkers attack, but something like that. New sign for this new type of champions is two triangles, or snow crystall. Maybe this champions was presented only in Grandmaster Nightfalls, maybe not. I never seen something like that anywhere before and if someone already do this stuff - I'm sorry. I just try to do something new for game i love. If u like this idea, or u have something to add orr support this - than vote and write your thoughts. Ty and sry for "not so good English".

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