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8/25/2020 5:08:01 PM

HARSH DIVISION is recruiting //// XBOX | NA/EU | DISCORD

Everything is better in HD! Join Us. We are dedicated group of guardians, committed to this and every season, so want to bring in some more guardians who are looking to keep the grind alive. On to the clan stuff... Harsh Division has three guiding values to ensure we build a great community and have plenty of people to run any activity. [b]1. Enjoy the game [/b]- It is meant to be fun and we try to enjoy it as much as possible. [b]2. Build the Clan[/b] - We push our members to play with others in the clan. Activity is infectious. [b]3. Keep it positive[/b] - Malicious or just lacking empathy for others is not tolerated. This is safe place to enjoy a game. Once in, every member needs to be active, in Destiny and in Discord, helping us build this community. In order to do this, our rules are as follows: • Activity is monitored by either completing Clan XP on a character or running a raid with at least 3 other Clan members. Without notice of being away, if you don’t complete either one of those every 2 weeks, you will be removed. • Discord is our communication tool for LFG and just general shenanigans. (Joining Discord is mandatory) If you join Discord, but do not post, you will be removed. • 16+, but if you feel you would fit in with a slightly older group (on average) send a message. Maturity is essential, and any issues are met with a quick removal for all involved. Fairly straightforward rules, and they have helped us keep a group that enjoys playing together for years now. To receive an invitation, please leave a comment on this post and we will try to respond as quick as we can and get those invites/links sent out. But please bear with us if it isn't immediate. Looking forward to hearing from you all, and getting into some Destiny!

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