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8/26/2020 8:23:24 PM

Potential Force Crash Exploit

Hey All, I've potentially found a forced game crash that could be possibly exploited, and from my own testing it appears to crash other peoples games as well. I've accidentally did it twice in this weeks nightfall and I was able to recreate it 2 more times so I think it can be exploited if done correctly. [url=]Here is recreation number 1 [/url] [url=]Here is recreation number 2[/url] [url=]And here is recreation 2 with friends POV for proof[/url] [url=]The gear I used in case you wanted to know what I was using a the time[/url] I'm not entirely sure whats causing the crashing, but as far as i can tell if you do the Class Super Finishers in rapid succession it appears to freeze the game and you have to force close it, no error codes or anything. If any of you want to try and recreate and see if it works do try and let me know because this could possibly be exploited or recreated on accident like we did and that would just suck, it cost us two nightfall runs already.

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