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Editado por Tree: 8/24/2020 5:47:32 AM

Keep the Vaulted Titles Earnable For One More Season

Reading the title doesn't fully explain what I mean. I'm mostly posting this for things like Wayfarer and Chronicler and maybe Blacksmith, which, while they aren't going away in their entirety, a lot of triumphs in them are. It isn't very fun not being able to earn Chronicler because Truth to Power just refused to drop for you for a long time; and, with the knowledge they might be taking Chronicler away if you don't earn it before November 10th, and Truth to Power being timegated, it's far less fun. What I'm saying is that we need a way to be able to finish off Titles with Triumphs that are being vaulted for at least one season after Beyond Light launches. Sure, it might anger some players that they have to stare at Triumphs they can no longer earn for a single season after they're no longer earnable, but, for a lot of people with partially complete Triumphs from past Seasons, that's already the case. For instance, if Wayfarer is being removed, then allow players to finish it off if they're still missing Secret Victories or something. Of course, they'd need to have all vaulted steps done beforehand, but it's a lot easier to grind for the BrayTech and IKELOS weapons than it is to do particular Ascendant Challenges particular weeks, especially if your schedule or conditions mean you might not be able to do a certain Challenge the week that it's available. For Chronicler, you can easily get all of the lore that's going to get vaulted (or at least most of it), but you can't exactly "grind" Truth to Power out. Unless you started playing before the start of the Season (I believe, though my math may be wrong), then, without a glitch that requires you to be online, in a certain place, in a certain time, on a certain week, hoping Bungie doesn't start server maintenance, you would be unable to get Chronicler before it might be retired. Blacksmith is a particularly bad offender; assuming Black Armory Forges are still around (even if Scourge of the Past isn't), then players who are able to do all of the Raid triumphs should be given an extra season to do the hundred weapon frames - as well as get the RNG-based things, like the shaders - if they need it. While being able to grind things has alleviated some of the stress of things being vaulted, some things still can't be grinded or are otherwise timegated which are linked to these vaulted items, which sort of defeats the purpose. I may be a bit misinformed about what titles are or aren't going away, and what content is or isn't going away, but my point still stands. EDIT: I'm mostly doing this under the assumption that they're removing some of these Titles, or at least making a distinction. Blacksmith isn't really Blacksmith without the Raid triumphs; Chronicler is... still Chronicler, really, either way, and Wayfarer shows, arguably, less dedication to the game, but that's more debatable. EDIT 2: In the past, while fully and partially complete Triumphs have stayed around, Titles have not. However, in this case, some of the Triumphs are still going to be available, while others will not; in the past, none of the requisite Triumphs had stayed around. This post is addressing the Titles for which some Triumphs will still be around, and not those where all Triumphs - or, at least, all avenues to get those Triumphs - are going away. EDIT 3: So, all forges are going away, so the points about Blacksmith are moot. However, everything else still stands.

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