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8/18/2020 10:34:20 AM

[PS4][AUS/NZ] Hold My Poodle now recruiting

Hold My Poodle is an Australian & New Zealand based clan that is going through a renovation/rebuild at the moment. Like many others we got tired of clans led by leaders or admins that run clans to their benefit or large clans that didnt care. So we started Poodles to have a place for us and our friends to have a chill place to hang. Whats our deal then? Like me those that are with us are veteran D1 players who like to game. We game to relax, have some laughs and enjoy time with like minded people. We are small clan and honestly are not looking to be a massive clan as peoples needs, wants etc get lost with larger numbers. I can promise we will have regular raids on weekends and run pinnacle and quest events all week for whoever needs it. We are definately not hard core. We are a chill place where you can hang and enjoy the game with others. We are a mix of people. We all however understand that this is just a game and life comes first. What do we look for in clan mates? People who respect others, help out and are active in the clan where they can. Not people that are just in it for the engrams. We do use Discord and expect you will be on it and use it to sign up the events and ask for help and help other people. If this sounds like a place you feel fits you then reply to this thread or shoot Pariah or I a Bungie or psn message. Happy to answer any questions you may have. PSN: NightGoober Discord: Goober#4062

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