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Twitch Prime not receiving loot

[b]I'm writing this again because 12 hours has passed and nobody responded to my previous topic[/b]. Hello, I started playing Destiny 2 on pc today after claiming for some months the free loots given by twitch prime, but no matter what I do Amanda seems not to have them for me... I read in the help section this [u][b]"If you have not played Destiny 2 before you claim your Twitch Prime rewards, you will first need to visit the rewards history page. Once you’ve created your first character in Destiny 2 you can apply your rewards to your Destiny 2 account."[/b][/u] And if I go to the Partner Rewards page I can clearly see that the rewards are there and are available from Amanda, but when I talk to her and see her inventory there's nothing more than the "normal" things... Does anyone know how to resolve this? [b]Before that anyone ask if I share my prime account with somebody: no, I'm the only owner of the account, and it's correctly linked to my Bungie account, as I can clearly see in the authorized applications section in my settings. [/b] Thank you!

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