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Destiny 2 Idea's (Faction Event Overhaul)

Destiny 2 Idea's Glossary: __________________________________________________________________________________ Faction Wars Overhaul. Details: The three factions now have a season pass like reward structure, where reaching XP milestones with your chosen faction rewards you with faction specific rewards. __________________________________________________________________________________ Faction Skirmish: PvP 3 way Team Deathmatch Summary: Each faction duels it out to see who gets the most eliminations. Details: 3 teams comprised of a specific faction of 6 fight to get the most kills, first to 100 wins. Requires a map designed to hold 3 different teams. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Faction Domination: Faction PvP Gamemode Summary: Each faction fights to control the most zones. Details: 3 teams of 6 comprised of a specific faction fight it out to wrestle control over the maps various control points (would require a fairly large map to hold 18 players). There would be 10 control points, 3 on each factions side and 1 in the middle of the map. Rack up points by holding control points, each control point rewards 1 point every 6 seconds, first to 200 wins. __________________________________________________________________________________ Faction Mandates: PvE or PvP community competition Details: Each week Factions Compete with each other to see who can come out on top. Mandate 1: which faction has the most kills on (insert) alien faction Mandate 2: which faction has completed the most raids Mandate 3: which faction has killed the most (insert) boss Mandate 4: which faction has won the most faction PvP matches Etc. Whichever faction wins gets 25% bonus faction XP for the next 2 days __________________________________________________________________________________ Faction Conquest: Community based zone control activity Summary: Each Faction competes to see which faction takes control of a said planet Details: Each faction competes to see who completes the most patrols and activities on each planet, when a faction gains control of a planet it doesn't stop other factions from landing on that planet it just means the faction in control gets bonus rewards from that planet and gets a special reward limited to the ownership of that specific planet. __________________________________________________________________________________ Faction War: Community Competitive event. Details: Each Faction fights over the duration of the faction event to see who gets the most points in any area, whichever faction wins gets a special Emblem symbolizing their victory of that season and a special weapon limited to a specific faction that's only obtainable by faction victory. __________________________________________________________________________________ Faction Bounties: faction based directives Details: Faction bounties task you with completing certain tasks that benefit your faction, like collecting a certain schematic a certain boss is carrying or stealing a hostile vehicle to give it to your faction.

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