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A friendly reminder: DON'T FORCE yourself into Iron Banner if you don't enjoy it

Ehy Guardians. This week the Iron Banner is back again, and as always, while a part of this community is enjoying it, another one is struggling with it. This thread is dedicated to you. We all know that Destiny 2 PvP is far from being perfect. Matchmaking issues, lags, Weapons balance, Classes balance, Abilities balance, Maps rotation, Maps design, Solos Vs Stacks, Reward issues, Quitters, Cheaters, you name it. Whatever is the problem that is making your experience frustrating and miserable, remember: [b]DON'T FORCE YOURSELF INTO SOMETHING YOU DON'T ENJOY.[/b] It doesn't matter what the prize is. Good loot, cool looking Armors with high stats, Pinnacle Drop, whatever. If this is making you stressed and angry at the point you need to come here, on these Forums, to vent only to get insulted or mocked by some toxic user that doesn't know what good manners are, it means that maybe it's time for you to take a break. A Weapon isn't worthy your stress, no matter how good it is. Good Looking Armors with High Stas isn't worthy your anger. Pinnacle Drop is useless when Power in general is designed to be just a virtual digit with no meaning except to keep you attached to the console/PC grinding like crazy. Always remember that this is a videogame and it should bring fun to you, not stress. There is no reason why you should keep playing when the only result is to have your nevers getting burned. This is not what a GAME SHOULD DO. Now, it doens't even matter if the problem is the game itself or you. It doesn't. You [b]CAN'T[/b] change the game, you [b]CAN'T[/b] change things in this real moment. So, do what you can: take a break. Stop forcing yourself into this trap. Ignore those "GiT gOoD" replies. Ignore those who are telling you to simply "get better!" if you don't want to. Destiny 2 is a very big game and there are tons of things to do. If really nothing right now is of your interest, good. Go playing something else and no, I'm no saying this to chase you away. You know that nothing is going away, you're not losing something by taking a weak or two of break from this game, so go enjoy your tiome doing something that is actually enjoyble for you. Hope this may help you.

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