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Editado por HviT uLVeR: 7/19/2020 3:44:15 PM

Tribute Hall suggestions and a question:

I will star with the question: When Beyond Light comes out, will we be able to keep visiting the Tribute Hall? If not... a replacement would be helpful, as its very useful to test weapons and abilities. And my two suggestions are: 1. Fix the position of the mobs, like ground level. Practicing some attacks like light sword slashes or Effigy orb light attack spam, is kinda clunky losing tracking. 2. Ad a DPS "punchbag" that counts (scores) all the damage when we attack it, and make it have a reset button or plate to put it to 0 again. That would be useful to test dps on our different combos/weapons/builds. 3. Ad a switch to existing mob tributes for attacking us, with our light level, so we can test our resistances to element, enemy type, and counter skills activation (Counterattack, Protective Light, Reactive Pulse, Cross counter, etc). 4. Make the light tribute recover our grenade, melee and class abilies too, not just the super. And maybe give us charges of light. Cheers up for all you Bungie. I love your game (mostly).

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