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7/9/2020 7:49:32 AM

Options for reintroducing Faction Rally-Ornaments

Option 1: Eververse


Option 2: Rankups


Option 3: Unlock for Veterans


Option 4: Players should be punished for not having unlocked Ornaments when the state of the game was questionable. BTW I’m a Trials-Titan and I main Witherhoard in Crucible because it takes so much skill


Factions bring personality for many Guardians. While I understand why the Faction Rallies ended, I don’t understand why their content had to go away. It’s nice that their base gear got added to the loot pool, as it allowed me to update my Simulator-set for an Armour 2.0-version (along with a higher cap). I will however, forever be salty that I didn’t grind the Ornaments all the way back. [b]Option 1:[/b] Put them on Eververse like the rest of the old Season-exclusive Ornaments. As much as I hate microtransactions, this would require minimal effort from Bungie and allow people to vote with their money. [b]Option 2:[/b] Allow players to grind Faction-gear and -Ornaments directly from their Factions, like in Destiny 1. Basically trade in Legendary Shards / something else for packages / engrams (maybe introduce Ornaments after X amount of rank ups?). [b]Option 3:[/b] Unlock the Ornaments for all players who hit maximum level for their Faction during a Rally. New players won’t be upset they missed out on something, and old players who had the time to invest into Factions can brag with exclusivity. I understand not everyone will want old content to be available as it gives them something or another, Destiny 2’s cosmetics are more or less bought, not earned anyway. For those that care, having an option to either fork up some money or work for the Ornaments is much better than punishing players for design choises made when the game was all over the place.

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