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7/7/2020 4:22:18 AM

Concrete feedback about this Iron Banner

Played since D1 Bananas of Iron, this one bummed me out the most. Here’s why: - was really excited about the new Iron Gaze and Grip perks. played all week, got zero drops of them. that’s not bad luck, it’s bad design. why didn’t the season-opening quest drop the auto and sidearm with those perks guaranteed? - in general, drops were too stingy. I got loads of enhanced mods that I don’t care about, but very few of the weapon drops I wanted. can we go back to buying weapons and armor with our IB coins? - I like asking for more bounties like I like starting new meetings at work...but just 4 weeklies is lame. give us dailies that help boost the rewards of regular play. Hoping for big improvements next Iron Banana...but breath not held.

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