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7/1/2020 7:38:50 PM

Destiny 2 Faction idea

So I had an idea on how to improve factions since they have been absent in destiny 2 almost entirely. I would like to start off by saying I'm not sure how feasible it would be to do this but I think most of the systems that are in place can just be adjusted for the factions. So you can only represent one faction at a time per character, just like in destiny 1 and during the faction rally. I think the idea that you could change your allegiance once a week was nice so that if something comes out that either looks nice or you didn't know about it before you pledged you can still get it if you want. To level up your factions I think the token system is fine, but it needs to be changed from the way it was in the faction rally so the harder the activity the more tokens you get, so a raid that takes you an hour doesn't just give you the same amount as a few lost sectors. I don't have an idea on how much they should drop during an encounter or during a crucible match or what have you, but the difficulty or length of the activity changes how much you get so keep it all in line hopefully.  I think that say 20 tokens is a good amount of tokens per level just like the vanguard or crucible and is just another way for you to get gear and weapons. I think bounties you turn in should also give you tokens, maybe not the random ones you can get from the venders but daily and weekly ones should.  Id also like to see them implement something like adept weapons where they would always drop with a perk that you may not get on that type of weapon (if that turns out to be too strong then maybe just an extra perk like zen moment or something) but the idea I had was the Three Graves pulse rifle from dead orbit having triple tap as its adept perk, I don't think that would make it overly good, but it would add that extra little bump for having it, however I think just giving them out would be too much so I have an idea on how to earn only a max of 5 each month (more on that later). I think the ability to take a good non-adept version of the gun and its adept version to their respective vender and consume the adept gun plus a good amount of materials to change the non-adept version into the adept one so if the guns will no longer drop at the end of the season or whatever it makes it easier to get the rolls you want before they go away, but you have to A. get lucky with getting the adept gun you want and B. get lucky with the roll you want on a different version of the gun. I liked the faction packages from Destiny 1, however with the way the token system works and it giving you an engram I think they should be brought back in a different way. So, I think that for your faction there should be 3 grayed out packages each week that unlock at different levels of tokens donated to your faction (maybe like 2,4,and 6 levels a week? idk) and they each give different rewards. The first being a random cosmetic such as ship, shader, emblem, ghost, and sparrow. And maybe have it so they are dupe protected until you have them all then after that they drop random shaders. The second package could drop a piece of faction armor with slightly increased stats (like a +5 or +10 so it's not too much) and a faction weapon that would help you get fully geared out in your faction’s stuff faster which will help later. And the last package could drop a random adept weapon each of these can be earned once a week per character so you could either try your hand at getting stuff from every faction by pledging to each of all your characters or going all out into one faction. This would earn you 4 adept guns per character per month and the fifth would come from… Faction rallies! They should be brought back once a month for a week and for they week maybe tokens get multiplied by 2 or something, but either way, at the end of the week whichever faction that won could have a statue or something in the tower somewhere as well as an extra package from the vender that gives you an adept weapon and a piece of armor with increased stats. This would hopefully drive more people to play than guardian games did since the rewards would be a little better, if they maybe gave something else to incentivise more people to participate that’s be cool too, also if they wanted to instead of making the tokens from 2X they could drop rally tokens that expire at the end of the week so someone can't just save 1000 token and turn them in for their faction during the rally.  I also really liked the exotic class armor from destiny 1 and I would like to see that return somehow, maybe drop and extra few tokens per activity or maybe give a buff to your faction weapons in pve not pvp so it could make them maybe a little more viable in pve without making it op in pvp. I think earning it from a simple quest might be good so maybe each rally the team that scored the highest might unlock the quest unless they already have so for example if during the second rally of the season fwc wins they would get the quest but if they won the first rally it would go to second place. That would mean that after one season each faction would have the quest so maybe make it a seasonal thing so each season they get an ornament for the class item that maybe changes its effect (if it has one, like a glow) or adds something to your transmat effect. The quest for unlocking the item could be simple like getting kills with that faction's gear equipped the more gear the more points. I would just like to see factions get added back into the game, it was a fun part of destiny 1 and just added to the experience. Maybe they could be brought back next year during maybe something called season of the factions and make them a big part of the season, but turn it down afterwards but still keep them around.

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