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6/27/2020 6:58:07 AM


New Monarchy was my favorite thing about Destiny 1, D2Y1 and currently I'm specifically grinding for D2Y3 NM gear even though it'll be basically SUNSET AGAIN. I have 154 New Monarchy tokens in my inventory still. Factions added an extra attachment to The Last City and I love the ornaments and New Monarchy Diamond on everything. Please bring new Faction content along in some way. Don't bring back shaders and ornaments but give us new stuff to strive for on the Faction front. And please don't make it Rallies as all that was was a huge popularity contest. Imagine new Exotic Class items, new Exotic Faction Ornaments and just new stuff in general. I know you are balancing the workload but please. They were so vital a part of D1 it felt as a D1 player and in D2 Y1 and just a piece of my Destiny love is lost while they're not currently relevant...

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