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6/24/2020 9:03:23 PM

Missing Items From Initial Pre-Order

Back when I didn't have a powerful enough PC, I had purchased, and pre-ordered the game for my Playstation 4. During that time I had all of the bonuses that came with the pre-order, namely the Sub-Zero ornament for the Coldheart exotic trace rifle. Around Forsaken's launch, before cross save was even announced, I begrudgingly yet excitedly switched over to PC, having to grind everything I once had back. I was looking though my collections and noticed that even though I had linked my accounts, I don't have a lot of my Year 1 Eververse gear, mainly the pre-order stuff. Is there any way I can have this stuff transferred to my PC collections without overwriting my save or will it all just be lost to time? Thanks in advance :3

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