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6/20/2020 3:48:19 PM

(XB1) Infinite Deep Is Looking for Active, Experienced Players

We are building a friendly and active community of guardians who want to take on all types of activities, no matter what the challenge is. Whether you’re doing weapon quests to complete your collection or earning a title, we will be right behind you. [b][u]What you can expect[/u][/b] * Players who are willing to help others out and challenge themselves. * A nontoxic and organized Discord server. * An active, helpful clan. [b][u]What we look for[/u][/b] * Mature players who respect their peers regardless of their background. * Players who are not afraid to take initiative and are open to doing challenging activities. * Players who are sociable, consistently active, and like to make new friends while helping others. [b][u]How we communicate[/u][/b] Discord is our hub, from there you can connect and play with members of all of our clans. [b][u]Requirements[/u][/b] * 18+ * Join the Discord server * Be active [b][u]How to join[/u][/b] Please upvote and comment on this post saying you’re interested so we can send you a message to apply.

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