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6/15/2020 7:57:19 AM

Prophecy Dungeon Last Encounter Bug

Hello there! I am reporting about a bug, that I encountered during my [i]Solo Flawless Propecy Dungeon[/i] completion. In the first room, after succesfully depositiong two motes and defeating ogres I manage to gather last mote to start the damage phase. When I've deposited it, last boss pojection didn't dissapear and last ogre didn't spawn. However, the portal was active, so I entered it. When I spawned in the area where damage phase usually takes place, [i]Kell Echo[/i] didn't spawn, but [i]Dark Entropy[/i] buff was increasing and finally killed me. Also, after that bug, that ruined my solo flawless triumph, I completed the dungeon, but didn't get the triumph for solo completion. There is link to Imgur with some pictures:

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