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6/10/2020 6:52:43 PM

Rasputin... what happened? (minor season of arrival spoiler)

trying not to give story spoilers even though for reason i am not bothering with the story due to Means to an End requiring fireteam activities. but i decided to go see the blacked out rasputin, on mars... and part way there, in the room around the elevator where a warsat sits suspended and there is a vent opposite, a map marker appeared inside the vent on this terminal the screen says unknown command. is it possible a traitor avoided ana bray, logged in with the highest priviledges and disabled rasputin? was it sabotage? i cant interact with the terminal and i wont proceed further with Means to an End so the whole story line is now over for me. but why this marker there and not able to interact? perhaps its part of the story but maybe its a secret. i stick it here for others to deal with (not playing any more because sunsetting has zapped all enthusiasm along with the forced fireteam activity part of means to an end quest required)

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