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6/10/2020 6:05:35 AM

Bounty Simulator 2

Why do I have to do repetitive bounties for 69hours just to level up. Inb4: “ahh if u don’t like the game don’t play it.” “ahhh they added 2 new things to do this season stop giving bungie such a hard time they’re doing there best.” Here’s the problem: This game is so unbelievably inconsistent that I have to stick around when it’s bad because it might be good in a couple months. I love this game and I’ve been playing since d1 but I literally can not stand doing the same shit over and over like a chore so that I’m leveled enough for the off chance that this game has another forsaken or ttk type drop. I’ve read the forums and it’s all the same stuff, this is what you sign up for, what do you expect blah blah. I have no issue w sunsetting i think it’ll be nice for the meta and maybe spice things up a bit, but why the -blam!- do I have to do a million -blam!-ing bounties just to acquire new shit. Thanks for reading my shit show of a forum post I doubt bungie gives a -blam!- so maybe you random people will. -A frustrated guardian

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