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5/10/2020 11:00:44 PM

Army of Light looking to recruit new members

Hello Guardians, I’m posting this on behalf of our clan The Army of Light on PS4. We have opened our doors again for recruitment for season of Dawn. We’re looking for PVP or PVE players who maintain a weekly playing presence. If you fit this description and are interested please message me on facebook. Mission statement To provide and foster a elitist free, involved and helpful community of guardians who will put the clan first. Recruiting Goals We are looking for players who enjoy all activities in destiny, who are patient and willing to work well with others. maturity, respect and a good temperament is just important as skill to our admin team. Clan Guidelines 1. Be respectful and mature first and foremost. 2. Clan play is important in Destiny 2, so we must stress that we play with available clan members online before anyone else. No lone wolfing it, make some friends and have some fun. 3. Loyalty is valued highly in AOL, so no clan hopping under any circumstances. There is no Rejoining. 4. No rage quitting, excessive whining, or rude and annoying behavior etc. If you feel the need to rage quit or think it's not working out be upfront with your clan mates. We don't need to hold grudges with each other. If it's not working go to orbit, weigh your options work together we are a team. 5. Joining and using the discord server for communication is a requirement. 6. If you have any issues with clan mates, questions, concerns or suggestion please contact the Admin group. 7. Regarding recruitment lets be somewhat picky about who we recruit and let's make sure they have a compatible mind state and attitude for our group. 18 and over would be best, going forward. More info We are a day one destiny clan, who through a solid group of friends and admins have been able to weather the droughts between content and come together and always rise to the occasions when the time comes. We work off respect and loyalty. If interested please message me so we can go over a few preliminary questions.

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