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Editado por SuperSirianRigel: 5/6/2020 11:29:50 PM

How To Improve Collections

Everyone wants more Vault Space. And one way to do that is to give us the improvements to Collections that everyone has asked for. How can we do this? By making it so that we can get our weapons that come with random rolls. But I'm sure you are asking, "Wouldn't that be like a forge system? Wouldn't people just go to Collections until they get the best roll possible for the gun they want?" And to that I would say, "Not if you do it right." And here is how I would do it. First we'll say you are looking for a Galliard from the forges. You Finally get one to drop and it comes with say... Snapshot and Pulse Monitor. You are happy to finally get one but wish it had a better roll. In my system you can safely delete it and keep farming. Why? Because I would have it set up so the first time you get the weapon to drop the Collections would save a snapshot of the exact roll you got on it so THAT would be the roll that you could pull from Collections from then on out. It would always give you that exact roll every time. The Collections page wouldn't just give you a new random roll. So no wasting time in the Collections and not actually playing the game. But then you might say, "Wouldn't that leave me at the mercy of my first drop? I wouldn't be able delete a better drop later and it would still take up space." And to that I say, "Not so fast!" Because I would have a second new system in place to fix this problem. Let's say you grind for a second Galliard. This time it rolls with...Dynamic Sway Reduction and Rangefinder. Heck yes this is a better roll. And lucky for you their would be a new option on every gun that; at the cost of some legendary shards and gunsmith parts, you can set the New roll you got to be your permanent roll that you can pull from Collections! After you pay the cost the Collections would take a New snapshot of your Galliard to replace your old one. And from then on out you can pull this awesome rolled Galliard from Collections instead of the not so good one that rolled for you the first time. This will give us a way to always go back and get something we've earned, help us with vault space, and keep us out in the game grinding as well. Instead of just spending a half hour in the Collections page to get what we want. But yes that is my idea on Collections. Let's get this one moving Guardians! Thanks for reading. God Bless. Rigel

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