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5/1/2020 12:46:14 AM

Some QoL UI/UX Suggestions (NOT Content-related)

Hi, I'm a relatively new player but have enough hours into the game (445 hours into the game). I posted this on DestinyTheGame subreddit as well but it got ignored because it seems the only posts that make it to the front page are the whiny ones. I'm just posting this because I love the game and want to contribute to the game somehow. I know people are frustrated about content, cheating etc. but this is not about that. I'm alright for now since I still have unfinished content and I don't play Trials. If even one thing from this feedback makes it into the game, I'd be happy. So here's a copy-paste of what I wrote over there. -------------------- Hi! I'd like to share some QoL suggestions (NOT content-related) in hopes it'd make navigating the game smoother and less frustrating. Here are some things maybe Bungie could release in a later "Spring Cleaning" update like Dota does. Here's some off the top of my head and is not a complete list by any means. - Make UI scrollable with the mouse wheel. Why do I have to click those big arrow buttons to navigate through my quest tab? The mouse wheel functionality needs to be implemented in other places as well e.g. in the Triumphs screen. Using the wheel while it's over the category tab should scroll the categories. Using the while while it's hovering over the actual triumphs should scroll the triumph block. Doing it over the main Lore tab on the left should scroll that etc. It sounds natural when you actually try it but it's sad to see it doesn't really work. - This one kinda sounds dumb, but the lore books should have numbers on them. I don't read much lore but it's not actually immediately obvious which order you're supposed to read these. Are they supposed to be Left-to-right, then the next row? Or are they ordered column-wise? To this day, I still don't know. - What if you could mark gear as "Auto-recycle"? So you never have to spend long times having to dismantle those goddamn War Mantis armor pieces (or any blue piece really). Or perhaps instead of being permanently dismantled, move them to a "Recycle Bin" where they'd automatically get deleted after a week or something, so you could see if you want to recover something (for infusion etc.) But after a point, even that isn't needed. Or if it's too extreme, maybe marking blue items as unnecessary would make them instantly deleted instead of that loading bar thing that happens when you dismantle. It's such a chore dismantling these (made worse for people playing on weaker systems where the Inventory just doesn't load instantly) - When previewing shaders, right-clicking should just enable a preview MODE instead of having to right-click each shader to see what it looks like. As in, just hovering the cursor would be enough to preview. And left-clicking a shader would just end this preview mode. - While it looks nice on paper, when previewing an armor piece and applying shaders, there should be alternate view button which shows off your entire guardian and you can spin him around to see what a shader looks like AS A WHOLE (similar to how it's done on the loadout screen). - Rewards from vendors and postmaster should just have a button to send it directly to vault. I don't know why that's not a thing already. It's so annoying, ah yes, here's yours masterwork weapon, but you don't have space. So what do you do? You probably just open up DIM or some app, make space, get the reward, and move THAT into the vault and perhaps get your old weapon back? Even that is a problem for people like me playing on laptops. I don't know but just alt-tabbing out even once just drops my frame rate until I restart the game so I avoid alt-tabbing at all while playing. An "app" isn't a solution either, you shouldn't have rely on external tools because of poor design choices. I use the official Destiny app but it's not the fastest or well-designed app either. That app has its own frustrations attached to it. - The vault should have more sorting options, I don't remember the current ones but I do remember whatever they are, they're not that helpful. I'd want a power level and type one. - If you're not the Fireteam leader, you should still be able to see Strike difficulty levels and its modifiers before you're at the "Launch Strike" screen. - As that one guy mentioned before, mods like Distribution, Dynamo etc. should specify they only work when the class ability is used near enemies. I still don't know if that applies to Perpetuation. - The big one: I'm putting this last because most people would not take me seriously if I put it on top. Loadout Presets. Why can't we have loadout presets? Like one-click saved loadouts. Maybe I'd have one for PvE, one for PvP. Heck just 2 slots would be more than enough but anymore would be appreciated (e.g. for cheese/experimental builds) without having to destroy that cool build you came up with by moving mods around for the past hour. For example, I hate having to take out my Ammo finder mods when I have to play PvP, and bringing it back in when I do PvE on my Wormhusk Crown etc. I can't think of a single reason why this isn't a thing already. Maybe Bungie thinks we should play around with mods and stuff? But having loadout presets wouldn't really mess with that or whatever reason they have to not include a preset feature. I'm sure there are more things that I've currently forgotten, these are just from the top of my head. I can do more if it's needed. I'm doing this because despite being a New Light player, I absolutely love this game and have gotten like 8 friends into it with me. I know there are issues, but the gun-play in Destiny is so so extremely satisfying, the best I've experienced in a while. I want to play this game more but it's just bogged by these little things that just take away from the experience, I just want to kill alien scum/fellow guardians without doing chores. And most of these just add an extra layer of polish to things that already exist. (Honestly the #1 change I'd want is collecting bounties from the respective Director screens and not having to spend long unproductive times at the tower. But I know that's not going to happen any time soon :( ) (Mode suggestion I'd love a mode where we're allowed to use our hard-earned exotic items in all slots. Ofc, the difficulty would scale to accommodate for the OP-ness. A really hard horde with all exotics could be fun. Just my 2 cents. (Perhaps have a loadout preset slot for that too :) )

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