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publicado originalmente en: Social distancing isn't all that bad
4/29/2020 12:58:48 PM
No school buses and a major reduction in local traffic makes my morning drive smooth and uneventful. Thinking back to just a couple weeks before the quarantine, I had a school bus in front of me at a 4 way stop. It turned left and stopped to pick up the kid who lives on that corner. There were 2 cars coming from the right, and 1 in front of me, who was able to proceed straight. As soon as he went, I pulled forward, and the 1st car to the right turned to go the direction I was coming from. All good and it was my turn to go. The bus is still in the process of picking up the kid.... But no. The bottle blonde, 40 something, soccer mom in her new black GMC SUV who was following that car that just turned, never stopped and followed it. I had already begun rolling forward out of normal reaction to how 4 way stops are supposed to work, only to have to stop immediately because of her. I glared at her and made hand gestures to her (inoffensive) to exclaim 'REALLY?" She had the gall to stare back and seemed to be screaming at me that I shouldn't be able to go because of the bus. I had no turn signal on that I was going it's direction, for I was also going to go straight, like the car before me. The whole things lasts maybe 4-5 seconds, but still, I am grateful that there is a huge reductions in bottle blonde soccer mom's in their "look at me" new, black SUV's out on the road in the morning. Quarantining the bulk of the driving rules impaired is awesome. They should make that permanent.

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