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4/27/2020 10:46:25 AM

[PC] Season of the worthy & Trials of osiris come join our family [PC] | All Inclusive - Cross clan friendly Competitions & Events | We teach Raids and much more! | New-Light Players

-------------- [b]Gladiators Legion Clan Family[/b] -------------- We're a large Clan Family with a strong basis and a love of all things memey! We play other games together and have a very close-knit core community, with active players everywhere. -------------- [b]Why Pick Us?[/b] -------------- - Hugely active Discord with over 15,000+ messages a day - Active and experienced D2 players - Sherpas and raids - 3 Regional clans & International clans - pick the one that suits you! - Opt-in pingable roles to help in LFG - Like Crucible? We got you covered. - Like Gambit, we also have you covered. - We have a 2-week inactivity policy, so people are always logging on! - Many memes & friendly atmosphere! (no feet allowed though!) - Guests are allowed to join our server - all are welcome! -------------- [b]How to join[/b] -------------- Joining our Destiny family is super easy! All you need to do is upvote this post and select the clan that fits your region. Once you have joined a clan, join our discord and type !register anywhere in the server and you will be automatically assigned your Clan role! All clans will have a 2 week AFK timer, with people who go over 14 days inactive being kicked at the start and middle of each month. -------------- [b]Our clans[/b] -------------- [i]All of our clans are open and there are no requirements to join our family[/i] [International clan] [url=]Zodiac Gladiators[/url] [International clan] [url=]Verdant Gladiators[/url] [International clan] [url=]Verdant Gladiators MK2[/url] [NA Clan] [url=]Xenolith Gladiators[/url] [EU Clan] [url=]Yggdrasil Gladiators[/url] [OCE / South-East Asia [url=]Winter Gladiators[/url]

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