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4/18/2020 3:37:40 PM

EXP, Exotic and other rewards with Fireteam based play incentives

Yes, more EXP and rewards fighting in a team


No, I'm good


Now this is just a segue into the idea, that a lot of people will more than likely agree, because everyone wins at the end of the day. So I was playing Phantasy Star Online 2 while ago and I was listening in a video when I was working and it got to a part where PSO2 has a high incentive on team play by giving a EXP boost for pre made Fireteams so as you may be aware, some people randomly hop into a player's "Fireteam" making it effectively 2 activating shared wisdom, turning in all bounties and then YEETing out of the Fireteam. I was thinking that concept can be applied to Destiny as well. So if you have a team of 2 people, you EXP gains from all sources is boosted by 10%, if you have 3 people gains are boosted up to 20%, 4 if you're in Gambit for instance and it's boosted by 30% and 50% if you're in team of 6 for Menagerie, Raids, ect. I also considered if you're in a clan you can apply the same logic by giving a addition 10% on top of the amount you get in pre-made Fireteams normally so take the numbers I just mentioned but double it so if you got a Fireteam that are also clan members, you would have a duo that is getting 20% more gains, a trio getting 40% more and a full clan team of 6 you are essentially getting double EXP from all sources so a basic 100 EXP red bar is giving 200 EXP and a say a 100K Raid boss is giving 200K a piece. Even make Extoic drop rates boost by 5% per person as well using the same formula so if you had a full team of 6, your drop rate would be boosted by 25% I would love the idea of having more of an incentive than just making Strikes, Crucible matches or any other activity just easier and quicker. Aside from that fact, there are almost no incentives to do so otherwise.

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