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4/10/2020 7:23:33 PM

I feel like D2's Age of Triumph would've been more interesting than the seasonal structure

-Bringing all the raids up to current power level, adding good stats to the loot that drops -Adding a hard mode for all raids with Adept weapons to incentivize playing them -Adding the heroic strike playlist with crazier modifiers and an exclusive weapon/armor piece That's what, 17 weapons and armor pieces, plus adept stuff? That has to be easier to develop than a throwaway horde mode, and it would make all the old irrelevant stuff relevant again, giving people a ton to do. I'd imagine player engagement would be up. When you have less manpower after the activision split, why try to make watered down new content instead of reinvigorating the entire game? Idk man. I'm still a big fan of the base game and am still working my way through some forsaken content so I can't complain, but I'm just reflecting on how much I enjoyed Year 3 of D1.

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