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Dear Destiny, it's not me it's you, we have to break up and I'm heartbroken

Hello, long time guardian first time poster. I've recently decided I have to break up with Destiny as the relationship has become stale and a little bit toxic. TL:DR - After 5 long years of playing Destiny, I found love, gained confidence, but now I just don't want to play it anymore and it makes me sad. (sorry its going to be a long read) I was first introduced to Destiny through a friend, I was a little bit wary at first as it was an online game and as a female gamer I'd not had many positive online experiences. I gave it a go as he said he'd look after me. Long story short, he did look after me and after playing together every evening for 2 years he moved country to be with me and we now have a child together. What started as a love affair with a game became a love affair between 2 people and Destiny will always have a special place in my heart for that. Together we defended humanity and the last City against fallen, hive and the taken. Him a Titan, me a Hunter, together we balanced out and made an awesome team. He loves the lore of Destiny and I love shooting things (I like the lore too but he's a rediculous nerd about it and "debates" regularly on reddit about it). It was through Destiny (and some gentle shoving by my other half) I was able to break down some of my social anxiety barriers. I wanted to finish the stories and in Destiny 1 the only way to do this was the raids. He asked his clan to help me, and they were all lovely guys and guided me through kicking the big bad guys butts! Yay more guardian friends! We were both very excited when Destiny 2 was released, he was very jealous I got to play before him as he was working. Again as in Destiny 1, we stood together our little fireteam of 2 and took down the cabal threat. I also started playing in the crucible, which I hadn't done in 1 as I didn't want to die continuously. I did pretty well and at one point had a better K/D score than my other half! Fast forward through many DLCs and slowly but surely I started playing less Destiny, one main reason was I had a baby and didn't have the time or energy. However as I started to regain my freedom (aka the tiny human grew and slept through the night) I had evenings to myself and could build my Hunter back up and catch up with my other half. He however was starting to fall out of love with Destiny, it was getting very grindy and not really anything new to do. Forsaken came and it was awesome and it was like the good old days for a while but then it started to get stale again. Skip forward to now, we have both just ground to a halt with Destiny. He's always got passionately annoyed at various points with the game along with the rest of the community and I told him to ignore the nay sayers and play because he enjoys it (like me). But now even I have nothing good to say. With short amount of free time I have, playing Destiny feels like a chore not fun. I'm ticking off bounties and not really gaining anything from it. Even in the last few seasons I could get my hunter to max light level and happily wait a few weeks before the next season. But now I don't even seem to be able to do that. There's nothing drawing me back, I'm just repeating old content again and again. Mindlessly shooting the same group of enemies over and over again seems pointless. There's not much story advancement, and by this point the amount of various bad guys we've killed repeatedly amounts to genocide. From my point of view, what Bungie are saying and what they are producing are very conflicting. It very much feels like the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. They say that the world of destiny is changing and evolving but I haven't seen that. They say we can play the way we want to but I feel like we're being forced to use certain weapons and play certain content. So it is with a sadness in my heart that I'm not going to be playing Destiny, we've had some good times but I just can't keep going like this. If anyone from Bungie reads this (I'm doubtful but you never know) please don't let this be goodbye forever, you have greatness in you and I know you can fix this. Much love from a hunter who is hanging up their cape.

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