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[LORE] Ghaul’s Conspirators

This post is a list of all of Ghaul’s accomplices in the Midnight Coup and their backgrounds. For more on the story behind their actions, check out my post on [url=]Calus’s Purge and Ghaul’s Midnight Coup[/url] [b]Shayotet[/b] [i]AKA[/i]: Lictor Shayotet, Shayotet the Uncleft, The Emperor’s Protector [i]Story[/i]: Calus’s former bodyguard, he is centuries old and had protected Calus for years during the civil war and even before, but personally led Ghaul’s soldiers into Calus’s home and claimed that he did so because Calus had changed from the good man he was before. Calus contends that Shayotet was jealous of his happiness and wealth as Emperor. [spoiler]A lictor is a Roman bodyguard to an important civil authority[/spoiler] [b]Otzot[/b] [i]AKA[/i]: Freeborn Otzot, Psion Savant, Imperial Dreamer [i]Story[/i]: The leader of the free Psions and the scientist who rebuilt the OXA Machine after it was destroyed by the Empire when the Psions were enslaved many years ago. Instead of destroying the OXA again and killing these free Psions, Calus accepted them into the Cabal society with the title “freeborn”, which gave them a far higher rank in the hierarchy than the enslaved Psions. Otzot was given a place at the head of Cabal science and engineering. When Calus moved to free the enslaved Psions he threatened Otzot’s superior status, so she joined the coup and used the OXA to send secret messages to the other conspirators. [b]Moli Imoli[/b] [i]AKA[/i]: Aedile Moli Imoli, Colossus of Bru’unth, the Everjoy, the Chief of Festivals, the Celebrant [i]Story[/i]: Once named the Colossus of Bru’unth, he was a member of the Praetorate charged with the suppression and execution of Calus’s supporters before the Purge. But he was a man of the people and helped Calus, later renaming himself Moli Imoli. His job became to organize events and keep the people happy. After Ghaul’s coup, Moli’s job didn’t change, and he used his position to keep the people from protesting Calus’s absence. Moli was assassinated by the Shadow Rull during one of his festivals. For someone like Moli to have turned against Calus suggests that he believed the Emperor was going to cause the people to be in danger. [spoiler]An aedile is a Roman official that oversees public projects.[/spoiler] [b]Umun’arath[/b] [i]AKA[/i]: Evocate-General, Primus of All Legions, Umun [i]Story[/i]: Calus chose Umun to lead his armies after he eliminated the Praetorate because of her military prowess. His main goal was to show her that people only fought to protect happiness, but she believed that there was only war and that all the peaceful things were just distractions to keep moral up. She supposedly helped Ghaul in order to ensure the Cabal could protect themselves, and Calus claims she is afraid of the outside. [b]Iska’al[/b] [i]AKA[/i]: Iska’al of Fantor, the Confident, Iska [i]Story[/i]: Iska is a tea salesman who Calus visited every day and openly spoke to of, well, anything that was on his mind I suppose. It’s not clear if Iska gave Ghaul information to help in the coup, but Calus claims that Iska never betrayed him or shared a single secret. However, he began to sell his tea to Ghaul’s staff and became wealthier, so Calus wanted him dead so that Ghaul couldn’t have his once trusted friend. Iska was killed by the Shadow Rull by being drowned with Calus’s wine and given the final message “Emperor Calus has not forgotten you”. [b]Caiatl[/b] [i]AKA[/i]: Princess Imperial, daughter of Calus [i]Story[/i]: Caiatl was a star-pilot who enjoyed the company and teachings of Umun’arath more than those of her own father as a child, and as an adult avoided him to speak with Umun of threats to the empire. On the day of the coup, Caiatl was waiting at Calus’s throne where he kept a worm bone (most likely Ahamkara) that supposedly could’ve saved Calus with an arrangement he had previously made (further hinting at Ahamkara, along with all of his talk of “worm dreams” and the specific things the bone told him). Caiatl broke the bone and said “Father, I will not be weak” before he was taken by Ghaul. Calus requests that she is assassinated while flying, because that is when she is happy. [b]The Consul[/b] His name is never revealed in the lore of Destiny. This Consul was not a member of the Praetorate but rather a supporter who profited off of their wealth. During the Purge and to celebrate Calus’s coronation, Consul was stripped of everything and castrated by Calus’s own hand, then released into a desert that Calus had ordered to be cleared of any object that wasn’t white in coloration (weird flex but alright). After leaving the desert Consul found the abandoned child Ghaul, then raised him to be an instrument of his revenge. However, when the coup finally came and Consul moved to reinstate the Praetorate, Ghaul established himself as the one in control, which the others were forced to accept. Consul was fine with this deal, regaining his wealth and remaining at Ghaul’s side to help him restructure Cabal society. Calus wished for Consul to die by his own weapons, and he ironically met this fate when his greatest weapon of all, Ghaul, personally killed him. [spoiler]A consul was a Roman chief magistrate[/spoiler] [b]Ghaul[/b] [i]AKA[/i]: Dominus, Emperor, the Ghost Primus, Gary, Gill, Glen, something with a “G” [i]Story[/i]: An albino runt left to die alone in the streets, Ghaul was found by Consul. The old outcast raised Ghaul to fight and filled him with his own hatred until Ghaul became the greatest pit fighter in the history of the Cabal, able to defeat Cabal much larger and more experienced than himself. Calus watched him fight one day and took him under his wing, ironically seeing himself as a father to Ghaul and eventually instating him as a Primus. He became known as the Ghost Primus of the Red Legion. But when the time came for the coup of the former Praetorates, Ghaul stopped letting the conspirators lead him. Ghaul took over and refused the title Emperor, claiming that the time for Emperors was over and he would be the Dominus. Calus offered an audience and a place as a Shadow to whoever killed Ghaul, and he has kept his word. [spoiler]Gaul was the name for the territory of the Roman empire that is now known as France[/spoiler] [b]Calus[/b] [i]AKA[/i]: the Emperor, Chief Gift-Giver, the Good Host with the Generous Banquet, the Prince of Mirth, the Lord of Laughter, the Curios Emperor, the Emperor of Joyous Excess, and probably a dozen more nicknames he gave himself [i]Story[/i]: All of Calus’s tale is covered in the accompanying posts [url=]Calus’s Purge and Ghaul’s Midnight Coup[/url] and [url=]Calus’s Exile and the Shadows[/url] Interesting fact, Calus is over 1000 years old. To read about the Shadows that killed the Conspirators, check out my post on [url=]Calus’s Shadows[/url] You can find more lore along with fanfiction in my [url=]Archive[/url]

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