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3/18/2020 2:21:00 PM

Problems i've been having and waiting to see if it gets solved

I've been playing Destiny since D1, and i have never had issues with performance. I moved to PC back before Forsaken, and there we're a few issues here and there, but nothing really bad. Shadowkeep was fine, up until season of Dawn. My game would crash at least twice a day because of "graphics run-time". i play Modern Warfare on this PC and have little to no issues. Every other game i play, has not had this problem. I keep validating my game files, and nothing changes. I'm getting annoyed and i'd like to be told if this is a Destiny problem, or a me problem. I have uninstalled from my SSD to my hard drive, and back again, and the same problems arise. Im also getting issues where i cannot join my friends because of NAT type. I've never had this problem before, and it is for sure not my internet. I have to restart my game in order to be able to join them. There will be certain times as well where my fire team leader will start a new activity, and a message comes up saying that i was disconnected. What is going on Bungie.

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