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3/2/2020 6:01:41 AM

Suggestions for More Immersive HUD

Hi, I posted this on the Steam forums, but I figured I would post here as well. For immersion, I like to turn the HUD off in my games whenever it's an option... if the game is still playable without it. Destiny is a beautiful game that becomes far more immersive to me once I'm able to hide enemy details, player names, the reticle, and other elements, but it needs a few tweaks in order for it to be playable in this mode. The #1 issue is the tracked markers not appearing anywhere. When you pull up your Ghost, you should be able to see the marker(s), and they should hide again when you're done. The game is completely unplayable as it is because the markers don't even appear on the map. The #2 issue is the button prompts for interactive objects not appearing when you come in proximity with them. Even with the HUD turned off, these should appear. Missions are unplayable when the HUD is off because of this. Also, this should apply to the interact button with other players in hubs as well. When you pull up your Ghost, for some reason the mission summary no longer displays when the HUD is turned off. I don't think this should be the case. I'd like to be able to read the summary on that screen as it doesn't actually affect the HUD in any way, and makes accomplishing mission steps more manageable. I know turning the HUD off is an option because of the plasma TV issue a long time ago and is mostly used for screenshots now. However, for me, it's about immersion, and turning the HUD off makes a huge difference. Please comment in the thread if you agree or have other ideas on how the HUD can be made more immersive for players. Thanks for reading.

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