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2/28/2020 10:57:18 PM

Weekly Raids ,Will Teach, Anyone Welcome, PC Players Now Recruiting

Hello Everybody, Are you looking for a Clan that is Active and Welcoming to its members? A clan that does weekly raids AND teaches them? Well you found the right Clan. Cayde-6 Fireteam Clan - We are moving to become a Full PC based clan. - We do weekly (basically daily) Raids - We teach each raid to our members if they do not know how to run it - Weekly activities, bounties and pinnacles - We have training going for all members to prepare for the Trials of Osiris (Grinding out Survival and Elimination) - Another main goal is to ensure all clan members have the main exotics Expectations from our Members - Must be ACTIVE - Must JOIN the Clan Discord - Must be 18+ - Must be chill (all of our members are laid back and get serious when necessary, we are here to have fun) - Must not put down any of the other Clan Members or make them feel that they are not good enough -NOTE: **New/Low Level Guardians** - If you need help leveling up, reach out and we will get you to the max base light level. We will teach you all you need to know. Additional Roles within the Discord - Raid Team ( Select this to join the Raid Channel within the Discord) - Competitive Team (Select this to join the Comp PVP Channel within the Discord) - Destiny Streamer (Select this to be recognized as a Streamer) If this all sounds great and you made it this far, please request to join and upon approval you will be sent a Discord Link in the Bungie App Clan Chat (Please keep an eye out for this, usually sent within 5-15 min of joining)

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