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2/28/2020 10:07:28 AM

weapon layout (GUI)

yo, anyone who reads this thx, if you uo vote you are cool if you don't i would like to have a discussion down in the comments. ok so i have an idea for D2's weapon layout/management, GUI, and this is to remove kinetic/energy/heavy, slots and replace them with 3 slots that any weapon could be slotted into, so if you want you could go 3 primaries, 1 solar 1 void 1 arc, etc, (with limitations, like 1 exotic, 1 of each pinnacle (so no double recluse etc). this would greatly increase build capacity, as well as for people (such as myself) that doesn't like using heavy in crucible it gives us our 3rd slot back, the exact same controls for console will be used, (press Y or hold Y, for xbone) thoughts ideas, improvements.

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